The largest lakes in the world

The world is a wide stage with spectacular scenery composed of fascinating landscapes. From the hand of our rankings, we have already taught you a good number of these magnificent scenarios. Thus, for example, we have seen the 10 most beautiful places in the world where our readers left us their opinions, the 5 best landscapes in the world that made you want to reassemble the suitcases or the rarest places in the world that They didn’t stop surprising you.

But for today I prepared a list that is worth knowing and that will enrich your options for possible new destinations. These are some of the largest lakes in the world.

The lakes
First of all, geographically speaking, it is convenient for us to know what lakes are, well, come on, not everything is simply having fun and saying that you have visited a particular place, knowledge also counts. A lake is simply defined as an area of ​​water surrounded by land.

The lakes are always isolated from the sea and, of course, from the oceans. They contain fresh water that comes from rivers and other natural sources, forming as a result of certain geological conditions, such as the movements of the Earth’s tectonic plates, glacial melts or volcanic activity, among other things. Some are so but so large that they are often called closed seas and in fact, some are known as a sea, for example the Caspian or Dead Sea, which are actually lakes. Let’s see some of them.

The largest by area
1.Lake of the Caspian Sea
It is located in the western part of Asia, on the border with Europe, and has an area of ​​approximately 371,000 square km. It is said that his name is due to the fact that in ancient times the Romans found salt there, so they considered it as a sea.

2. Superior Lake
Located in North America and with 82,100 square km, it is the longest and second largest freshwater lake in the world. The deepest point of Lake Superior reaches 406 meters and marks one of the geographical boundaries between the United States and Canada.

3. Victoria Lake
Lake Victoria, 68,800 square km, is located in Africa, more precisely between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. It is the largest of said continent and the second largest freshwater in the world. An interesting feature about this lake is that the most important source of water that sustains it is the same rainfall of the place.

4.Lake Huron
With an area of 59,600 square km, Lake Huron is located in the same area as Lake Superior that we have already seen, between the US and Canada. In fact, it is the second largest of the five Great Lakes, being surpassed only by the aforementioned.

5. Michigan Lake
Similarly, Lake Michigan, between the US and Canada, is in third place. Its area is 57,800 km2 and its deepest point does not exceed 85 m, which by the way, is really very deep.

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